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Wednesday 7th November 2018
The fishing is getting better and better, there’s a lot of good fishing around right now all around the whole of the EP. Here’s what has been biting.

Here’s what has been biting in the last week.

Far West
Mulloway, Sharks and Salmon are pretty much standard now from the beaches West of Ceduna. Most fishers are heading up that way and Mulloway are in the 20lb to 30lb range but bigger ones are becoming more common now. Plenty of Gummy Sharks are available on some beaches and Salmon as well depending were you fish. Offshore Tuna should turn up soon between Fowlers Bay and Streaky Bay, reports should be only be a few weeks away.

Not heaps of news from here but offshore the fishing is pretty good, Nannygai, Blue Morwong and Sharks are the main catch and some areas have big Whiting. The jetty has big Tommies and Squid. No Salmon news this week from the beaches but they will be worth a try. Talia Beach is also worth having a look at if you’re after a Gummy or Bronze Whaler Shark.

Coffin Bay
Pretty much the same as last week but now you can’t catch Snapper. The bays are pretty good for Salmon Trout, Whiting, Garfish, Tommies and Snook, both out in boat and also from the shore. Gummy Sharks have also been lurking around if you want to try for them.

Farm beach is going well for Whiting fishing with plenty around. The deeper water grounds are the best spots to try if you want the bigger fish. There’s Garfish, Tommies, Salmon Trout, Snook and the odd Flathead as well. Shore based fishers will be good well between Frenchman’s and Coles Point for all those fish as well. Offshore there’s Nannygai, Blue Morwong and Sharks. Some areas will have lots of Snapper and its best to shift if you start catching them while the Snapper ban is on. There hasn’t been a lot of salmon news in the last week but have a look at Gunyah, Almonta and Convention Beach for Salmon.

Port Lincoln
Most of jetties have Squid and Snook, late in the day and early mornings are best. Garfish are also worth trying for and also some Whiting. The small Kingfish are also around from the jetties and also in the marina a few have been sighted. Yellowfin Whiting have been caught near North Shields on both lures and baits but don’t expect big numbers. In the bays there’s Whiting spread right out now and some areas are better than others, North Shore is still going well and also in the Proper Bay, Snook, Garfish, Squid and Blue Crabs make up the rest of the catch.

The Blue Crabs are getting better each week now and some fishers are getting fairly good numbers now. Whiting are in good numbers and bigger in size from McLaren’s Point down to Thistle Island, there’s also Squid and Snook in the same area. In the deeper water there’s been some good Nannygai, Blue Morwong and Sharks in the Williams Island vicinity. Salmon fishers are getting nice Salmon in the Wanna to Millers Hole area with the other areas holding Salmon but are usually out of casting range.

Tumby Bay
The jetty has quite a mixed bag and is fishing well, there’s Squid, big Snook, Garfish, small Kingfish, Tommies and in the shallows Yellowfin Whiting have shown up. The bay holds King George Whiting, Garfish, Snook and Squid. At the Group you can expect Whiting, Snook and Squid in pretty good numbers. Most areas are fishing well.

Port Neill/Arno Bay
Good Whiting catches have been taken at both areas and are generally very good sized fish. Squid and Snook can also be taken in the area boat fishing. Off the jetties there’s some good Garfish, Squid, Tommies and Snook. The beaches in the area should now be holding some good numbers of Yellowfin Whiting and it would be worth having a go for these tasty little fish.


Blue Crabs are what we are hearing from Cowell and also some Whiting from outside the harbour.

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Jamie Coote: The Yellowfin Whiting are just starting to show up and poppers have been successful along with nippers. The Bass Day Sugar Pen is certainly worth investing in and giving them a go.
It looks like another week of good weather is coming up after the blow today….hopefully the fish are biting for everyone.

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