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Wednesday 18th October 2017
The water is really starting to liven up with the warmer weather. There are good reports from all over the EP at the moment. Here’s what has been caught in the last week.

Far West
Those chasing Mulloway have mostly had some success. There are now some reports coming in of some real big fish getting caught with Sharks and Salmon also there to be caught. A word of caution though for those 4wd’ing on the beaches, do take care as there have been reports of some roll overs and also mega bogging in soft sand. It’s a good idea not to tow trailers on some of these beaches and ensure you are equipped with all the right gear – it can be isolated at times up there!

Most of the beaches in the area are producing Salmon to some degree. Some good Flathead were caught at Sheringa. Talia has Salmon and also some good Gummy Sharks at night. Further up the coast Venus Bay has been very good for Whiting with some fishers bagging out very quickly.

Coffin Bay
Salmon Trout are in very good numbers throughout the bays and a few Whiting as well with Garfish starting to appear in better numbers. There have been some nice Kingfish caught for those willing to put the time and effort into those fish. There should be some Snapper swimming around there somewhere for those willing to put the time in for them. Farm Beach is very good Whiting and there are plenty out there.

The shallower water has plenty of undersized Whiting so it would best to stay away from the shallows, 5 metre plus deep water is much better fishing. Offshore there have been some good catches of Nannygai, Snapper, Blue Morwong and a few Sharks so there is plenty of action out there.

Salmon fishers have found Salmon at Gunyah, Almonta, Greenly and Convection Beaches and Mt Drummond so there are plenty of options for the Salmon fishers with Greenly having the biggest fish.

Also from the shore there are some good Whiting and Flathead taken at Farm Beach, Frenchman’s and Mt Drummond, decent numbers have been caught proving you don’t need a boat.

Port Lincoln
From the jetties Squid have been in good numbers and those with good quality jigs have done the best. Snook are also in good numbers off the town jetty in particular at night with some big ones caught. Out in the bays a mixture of Whiting, Salmon, Snook, Tommies, Garfish and Squid are around and spread out, there are no real standout areas that are really better than others, you will just have to go out and give it go.

Louth Bay has had good Whiting catches and there are some big ones getting around up there, keep a Squid line out as there are some good Squid catches around as well. Further down the coast Whiting can still be found from McLarens down to Thistle Island and there are plenty of areas to look at down there that have some good sized Whiting.

In the deeper water Nannygai, Snapper, Blue Morwong and the odd Samson fish have been caught down in the Passage and beyond. Along the south coast Salmon are still active but there aren’t as many reports this week as there have been in previous weeks but the Salmon should be spread right along the coast.

Tumby Bay
Most reports have again come from the Group. Whiting are in good numbers at Spilsby Island and few other areas as well. Squid are in good numbers along with Snook and Red Mullet as well.

Snapper are out there but are a little bit further out. In closer you can get a feed of Whiting and Squid but it is slower fishing. The jetty has Squid and there are now some big Bronze Whaler Sharks starting to appear up near Lipson cove.

Port Neill/Arno Bay
Some good sized Whiting are coming in from both areas along with a few Snapper. The annual Snapper ban starts on the 1st of November so if you want one get out soon. The jetties have Squid, Snook and Garfish.

This week’s photos are courtesy of:

Mark Kassebaum: A 29.6kg Samson Fish caught on 10kg line was weighed in over the weekend with a pending line class record.

Charli Cresswell: Charli caught her very first fish on the weekend.

Shane Hodgens: A nice limit of Whiting caught at Coffin Bay on the new Shimano Bandit Series ‘Black Jack’ Rod.

Finally we are getting some consistent warmer weather to get out and about. The weekend is looking a bit cooler and hopefully warms up again next week!

Good luck for the next week of fishing and don’t forget to send your photos in for our monthly competition.

TW Port Lincoln Team