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Wednesday 17th January 2019
Over the last week there has been some very good reports around the EP there’s been some good days when the wind has been kind to us all. Here’s what has been biting:

Offshore there have been plenty of good sized Nannygai and a few nice Snapper thrown in too. There is also Tuna and some other tackle busters from the deep reefs sorting out a few fishers with their rods and reels and giving them a good work out, they would most likely be Samson fish and Kingfish. Whiting can be caught closer in and also from the shore at Waterloo Bay.

There is the usual fish like Tommies, Garfish and Squid in and around the local popular spots. Salmon have come from Sheringa, Locks Well and Mt Camel, size varies and also numbers of fish, it’s all a bit unpredictable with Salmon here this time of year.

Coffin Bay
There’s been a mixture of Tommies, Salmon Trout, Snook, Garfish and a few legal Whiting caught in the bays this week. There has been more reports of bigger Whiting to around 36cm caught right in close to town. Shore based spots are fishing well too.

Out at Farm Beach there were more good Whiting catches which is a similar story to last week but the deeper water grounds are the best option and around Gallipoli as well for the bigger fish. Shallow grounds tend to have more undersized fish.

Garfish, tommies, snook and squid can be caught in the local areas. Land based fishing in the Frenchman’s to Coles Point area has been producing Whiting, Garfish, Flathead, Salmon Trout and some Mullet, you don’t need a boat to get good fish and if the wind is up this is a good option if can’t get out.

Offshore there has been some very good fishing. In some areas there’s a stack of big Nannygai and also some Snapper, Blue Morwong and Sharks as well at some of the grounds. Tuna can be found at many areas with the Islands offshore all holding Tuna to some degree and sizes vary from tiny tiddlers to over 30kg if you’re lucky.

Salmon can be a pest in some areas and there are some massive schools of them around the Hummocks and Kruse Rock. There are Kingfish mixed in with the Salmon and dropping a jig down where the Salmon are might produce a kingy. Rocky Island and the Hummocks have been producing Kingfish of all sizes and some Samson fish as well.

For salmon Gunyah and Convection Beach seem to be ok some days they fire up and other days it’s slow.

Port Lincoln
The jetties have Squid, Tommies, Garfish and Snook. There are a few Whiting around and usually these are good size ones. The rocks around Kirton Point and Murrays Point has been producing a few Whiting, Squid and Garfish. In the bays for the boat fishers North Shields is the best area for Whiting even if you do have to work for them there normally very good fish. Other areas to look for Whiting would be the Proper as well. Garfish, Tommies, Snook and Squid can be found much more easily around the bays.

Whiting fishing is a lot better at Thistle Island where you should do well once you find them, around Black Rocks has been good.

Offshore Tuna fishing is very good at the moment with Thistle Island, Low Rocks, Neptunes, Cabbage Patch and Williams being some of the good areas. The Tuna tend to bite very early in the morning up to around 10am and then shut down until 4pm when they start to feed again. Tuna have even been reported to have been hooked from the shore at Fisheries bay so they are in close and they have been closely followed by white pointers. A few hooked tuna have been lost to the sharks at boat side so be careful if you’re out in a small boat.

Nannygai and a few Snapper can be caught bottom fishing the deeper water and Samson fish and Kingfish can be found at the Cabbage patch. Salmon news in the National Park has been a bit quiet this week but it still worth having a look down along the Sleaford coast.

Tumby Bay
The Group has Whiting and it can take a while to get your quota, Squid and Snook are other targets. Closer to shore Squid are in good numbers and aren’t too hard to find. You can also get Whiting, Garfish and Snook. Shore based fishers are catching Yellowfin Whiting along the foreshore and Ski Beach.

The jetty has Snook, Garfish, Tommies, Squid and Yellowfin Whiting in the shallows.

Port Neill/Arno Bay
The jetties have Garfish, Tommies, Snook and Squid. Most beaches are good for Yellowfin Whiting from Lipson Cove to Cowell. Some really catches have been taken at Pt Neill. Boat fishers at both locations have been getting Whiting, Snapper, Garfish, Snook and Squid.

This week’s photos are courtesy of:

Jake Lynch: A 47cm Flathead caught by Jake Lynch from the Port Neill jetty. Word has it not too many of this species of Flathead have been caught from here.

Jack Weiss: A 20kg Tuna caught yesterday at Low Rock, late afternoon.

Rick Elliott: Rick was testing out the new Jackson Bottom Magic lure recently and caught a nice Flathead and Trevally land based. A nice feed of Yellowfin Whiting also caught land based. Rick also managed to put down the land based rods & fish Thistle Island….Tuna was the target with plenty caught & released.

Jake McLeod: An offshore trip out to the Hummocks this week saw some nice Tuna being caught, with most in the 15-20kg range.

Peter Gue: Also heading to the Hummocks caught Kingfish & Tuna.

Shane Hodgens: Thistle Island Tuna were biting hard until around 10am and the lure of the day was the new Halco TNT, this colour has certainly proven to work here on the EP!

Craig Hore: A double header Squid doesn’t happen very often!

Archie Coote: A monster Nannygai caught out of Coffin Bay, Archie’s first ever Tuna & a nice Squid at Streaky Bay. Archie has been spending just about every spare minute on the water these holidays and he has certainly been rewarded with plenty of fish being caught.

Jamie Coote: Not to be outdone by Archie, Jamie also good an excellent size Nannygai out of Coffin Bay.

William & Henry Hall & Locky Koch: Visiting from the Mid North, these lads managed to get onto some decent Tuna on a recent trip out of Fisheries.

All up the fishing is good all over the Eyre Peninsula so make sure you get out there when you can and the weather allows it….hopefully the wind keeps down and plenty of fishing can be done before school goes back!

TW Port Lincoln Team