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Wednesday 14th February 2018
There haven’t been too many reports this week with the wind that has been around but from those that did venture out the reports have not been too bad. This is what has been caught over the last week.

No reports at all this week but it’s not to say there hasn’t been any fish up that way. In recent weeks offshore fishing has been excellent. Tuna have been the main catch but there’s Snapper, Nannygai, Blue Morwong, Kingfish and Samson fish that have been caught in many areas offshore. Tuna have also been in close at Venus and Baird Bay so you don’t have to have a big boat to get onto them. Salmon have been found off many of the beaches in the area and Locks Well has been the best of the beaches.

Coffin Bay
Garfish have been one of main catches around Coffin Bay and Dutton Bay has been one of the better areas to target. A few Flathead are just starting to show up in Dutton Bay as well but not in big numbers, next month you will see these improve.

Other fish around the area are Salmon Trout, Tommies, Snook, Whiting and the odd Snapper has been caught as well. Farm Beach is going well, the Whiting aren’t the biggest going round but there’s plenty there to be caught with the deeper water being the best area to target. Garfish are still there in good numbers as well.

Offshore there’s been plenty of good catches. Tuna, Samson fish, Kingfish are better around Rocky Island and the Hummocks and there are some good sized fish starting to get caught now. Out from Sir Isaacs Nannygai and a few Snapper are on the reefy bottom.

Kruse Rock has Tuna, small Samson fish and small Kingfish as well. Salmon are still there and bottom fishers are getting some good Nannygai there. Beach fishers who have been targeting Salmon have advised it has been a bit hit and miss at Gunyah and Almonta but if they are on there is plenty to be caught. Greenly Beach and Convection Beach has also had some good fishing for Salmon and you can find fish up there to 3kg.

Port Lincoln
Crabs are still the main catch around Port Lincoln and also big Garfish. The Crabs are best in the Proper but can be found right around the whole area and most are of excellent size. Garfish are the same as the Crabs and around in good numbers and there are also some big ones around, you can catch them from the shore at North Shields, in front of the Limani and also from the jetties around town. Squid are there from the jetties and also Snook mainly at night. Yellowfin Whiting are coming from the beaches at Louth Bay and some good numbers are getting caught on surface poppers.

Whiting news around the town is still fairly quiet, there haven’t been many reports and the Proper is where most reports have come from. Better Whiting reports have come from Thistle Island and also down at Memory Cove. Offshore the best spot for a big fish is the Cabbage Patch. Tuna, Samson fish and Kingfish have all been caught there in the last week.

Other areas that have had Tuna are Ligeana Island, Williams Island, Low Rocks and also south of Thistle Island. Nannygai and some big ones have been caught south of Williams Island and there has been the odd Snapper and also Blue Morwong. Salmon news from the National Park has been a bit slow but look at Wanna to Millers Hole if you are wanting to target them.

Tumby Bay
The Group continues to produce good bags of Whiting and there have been some really big fish in amongst them. The fish are spread out in many areas around the Group and reports have come from most areas. There’s also good numbers of Garfish, Squid and Snook. Tumby jetty and also the Marina has had many small Kingfish around and few have been hooked.

Yellowfin Whiting are on the beaches around town and also at Ski Beach. They have been taking surface lures and prawn baits.

Port Neill/Arno Bay
Not many reports from here this week but what was reported was Whiting and Garfish from Port Neill and also Yellowfin Whiting from the beaches.

There’s been good numbers of Crabs reported here and plenty have been caught both inside the Harbour and outside. Whiting are best outside the harbour and there’s been some good reports from there. The beaches in the area are going well for Yellowfin Whiting.

This week’s photos are courtesy if:

Sam Kassebaum: Sam managed to get himself a nice Samson fish over the weekend…this species has been giving him some grief so it is great to see him finally hook one up….think the grin tells it all!

The rest of the week is looking pretty good with the wind picking up on the weekend (of course!). There are plenty of great land based spots around if the boat isn’t an option!

TW Port Lincoln Team