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Wednesday 17th October 2018
The weather has been mixed again this week and the best of the weather has been on the weekend with the trend looking to continue for another week. The fishing is getting better as each week passes now with plenty of good reports now coming in.

Far West
There’s more and more reports coming in from the beaches West of Ceduna now. There’s been good numbers of Mulloway caught between 20-30lb with no reports of larger fish but no doubt there would have been some up that way. Good numbers of Gummy Sharks have also been taken and some of the big females also are loaded with young ones and they are best to release unharmed. There’s also Bronze Whaler Sharks and some areas have good numbers of Salmon if you need fresh bait.

Not as much news from this area this week but Salmon are still going well from many of the beaches. Offshore fishing has been good in recent weeks and that trend will continue for Nannygai, Snapper, Blue Morwong etc.

Coffin Bay
Starting to look quite good now there’s more Whiting getting caught in the bays and you will need to watch the sizes of the fish. Salmon Trout are plentiful, Garfish are showing up in bigger numbers as are the Tommies. You can also get a few Gummy Sharks at night throughout the area.

Out at Farm Beach the fishing has been good again for Whiting and multiple areas have good fish. There’s Garfish, Squid, Snook and the odd Flathead on some grounds. Shore based fishing in this area is also very good a good mix of fish from the rocks and beaches. There’s Whiting, Garfish, Tommies, Mullet and some Flathead. Offshore there’s all the usual fish species including Nannygai, Snapper, Blue Morwong and Sharks at most of the reefy drops.

For Salmon fishers there been some excellent Salmon action in this area over the last 3 weeks and over the weekend there was some very good Salmon fishing from Gunyah, Almonta, Greenly, Convention Beach and also from up near Mt Drummond. Most fish are averaging 3kg but there has been some caught to 5kg. All forms of fishing worked for the Salmon but lure fishers probably had the best luck.

Port Lincoln
Boat fishers are really starting to get some good catches now from within the bays with a good mix of fish available. Whiting are being caught in good numbers in many areas around the bay with fish spread right though out. Good areas are along the North Shore and North Shields, the Monument, Spalding Cove and also the Proper Bay. There’s also Garfish around, Snook are also being caught in good numbers mainly around Boston Island.

Squid are also numerous but most are small to medium size. There’s been some early season Blue Crabs caught this week but only in small numbers, might be best to wait another month to start getting some decent catches. The jetties have only really had Squid reports but it should worth having a go for Garfish, Snook and maybe some Whiting from the town jetty.

Further down the coast Whiting can be caught from September Beach right down to Thistle Island. Some areas are patchy and others can be loaded with Whiting. There’s also some big Squid and Snook from these areas. Offshore Nannygai, Snapper, Blue Morwong and Sharks can all be found from Williams Island and beyond. Jigs have been working very well for Nannygai lately and the Strom Koika jigs have been the outstanding model. Salmon fishers have been going very well along the Sleaford coastline, there’s been big schools of Salmon right in close and fish have been found right along this stretch of coastline. Most fish have been taken on lures as they have been in so close and the average size is around 3kg.

Tumby Bay
In close to Tumby there’s reports of Whiting, Snook and Squid not too far from shore. Further out at the Group there’s good numbers of Whiting at many areas with most being good sized fish. There’s also Squid, Snook and the odd Snapper. Off the jetty there’s Tommies and Squid.

Port Neill/Arno Bay
Whiting fishing is good again this week from both spots and Arno Bay sounds better for bigger Whiting but both spots are worth a go. There’s Snook as well as Squid, some Garfish and there’s probably some Snapper around on some of the inshore reefs. Off the jetties Squid and Garfish would be worth trying for.

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Gone Fishing Day was on Sunday and a few people managed to get out on the water or land based in between the winds.

Thank goodness it looks like the wind is going to clear by Friday night just in time for the weekend. The winds are down and the temperature is finally getting to where it should be…lets hope we can all get out for a fish on the weekend!

TW Port Lincoln Team