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Wednesday 19th September 2018
The weather has been up and down for a few weeks now and it looks like that could continue for a little while. There has been some good days though out on the water and if you can get a day off work or get away from the footy and netball you get some great fishing in. Here’s what has been happening in the last week.

Far West
It’s from this time on when many start to think of Mulloway from beaches west of Ceduna and some crews have already started to head up there for trips early. So far there has been no news of Mulloway but many areas have jumbo size Salmon and Gummy Sharks as well. It won’t be too long until the first Mulloway start to show up. Other news from this area is plenty of Snook and Salmon from rock ledges and some Whiting from Pt Sinclair jetty.

Salmon are still on the go from beaches in the area, Sheringa, Talia and Mt Camel have been mentioned with Salmon catches and most of good size. There are some big Tommies and Squid from the jetty.

Coffin Bay
Salmon Trout are still the main catch in around the bays and a few Whiting as well. There has been some Kingfish sighted in the bays and it would be worth trying for Gummy Sharks and maybe a Snapper soon as all these will start to show up soon in numbers and will be worth chasing.

Farm Beach is still going well for Whiting on both shallow water grounds and deep water grounds too, one whopper at 48cm was pulled from a deep water ground. There have been Gummy Sharks caught on some of deeper water spots with the aid of burley and also a few Snapper. Salmon fishers will find Salmon on all the major Salmon beaches such as Gunyah, Greenly and Convention beaches and many of these will be big fish over 4kg. You just need the swell down and the winds to be able to fish these beaches.

Port Lincoln
Squid are still the main catch from the jetties from Louth bay right through to Kirton Point Caravan Park jetty and most catches have been mainly early morning and late in the day. There’s still big Whiting getting caught shore based from the North Shore late in the day and into the night and can also be caught by those boat fishing close to shore.

Yellowfin Whiting fishers are still getting a few for a feed around Limani and they will soon move on up the coast shortly. Boat fishers have mainly been getting Squid and Snook around the bays, Whiting have been a bit slower but they are around and you could try up near the Sand Hills and around North Shields this is where the best reports have come from. Garfish can also be found in that area.

Down in the Passage Whiting can now be found from September Beach down to Taylors Landing and this is where most of the reports have come from this week but it has been harder fishing in the last week for most down that way. Salmon fishing again has been good in the National Park along the Wanna area to the Salmon Hole. Schools of fish have been in closer when the weather is ok and fish are from under kilo to over 4 kilos so there’s a real mixture there.

Tumby Bay
The footy finals must be priority up there as there hasn’t been much news from Tumby. Really only heard of Squid from the jetty but if you get out to the Group it’s been good out in weeks gone by.

Port Neill/Arno Bay
Same as Tumby not much news but Squid are a good option from the jetties. It won’t be long and fish will be caught everywhere at these two areas. Whiting and Snapper will be targeted in the next few weeks and you can expect the fish to be out there.

This week’s fishing photos are courtesy of:

Jevyn & Chayce Traeger: Jevyn’s 1st Snapper caught on the weekend and some nice Whiting & Squid caught as well. Well done boys!

Only one more match of local footy to go and then it’s time to start planning the fishing trips. The weather is still all over the place but hopefully when the school holidays come around the weather will start warming up and everyone can get out and start enjoying the outdoors!

TW Port Lincoln Team